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"From sports to a job"


Sport2Be ?

420.000 youngsters live below the poverty line in Belgium.

Sport2Be wants to act as a springboard for young people by accompanying them, in their education, their orientation and their beginning into active life.

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is our goal ?

The right to a bright future.

Through sports, Sport2Be promotes social and professional integration for young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. We want to guide them on the path of employment, guarantee their social integration, restore equal opportunities and allow them to further develop themselves.

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Are We ?

People from all walks of life.

Women, men, athletes, administrators, sports & social coaches, volunteers, value partners, ambassadors, pragmatic dreamers…

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to help ?

Join us in caring.

Whether you offer us your time, your skills or a financial support, Sport2Be needs daily passionate and generous people to be able to act effectively.

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The Sport 2 Be Team

The Sport2Be Team

Marlène de WOUTERSMarlène is an independent moderator, TV host, commentator & public speaking coach. She has extensive experience in hosting TV shows and debates and is a live sports and Royalty commentator. She has hosted the Queen Elisabeth Competition for 14 years.   At 18, she was the first female Belgian tennis player on the WTA ranking. She is a mother of 3 and convinced that sports should be accessible to every child. It is the best school of life, it builds your character and teaches you how to fall, get up gracefully and move forward.

Motto: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi


Jill BOONAfter her bachelor at the ULB in language & literature, Jill decided to become a professional hockey player. She played in Spain for 2 seasons and in Holland for 4 seasons, and since her return to Belgium, she has been playing for Racing Club. On the international side, she played her first cap for Belgium in 2008 and has reached a record of 300 international games.

Knowing the impact of sports in her life, Jill’s dream is that sport becomes one day every child’s right and not just a privilege for the few.

Motto : “When they say you can’t, then you have to.”


Pierre IWEINSGraduated from UCL IAG and Vlerick Ghent, Pierre is a reserve officer in the Belgian Navy. He has worked 23 years for Kraft Foods/Mondelez in multiple European locations in Commercial and General Management positions. In his last tenure, he was President of the EU region. Since 2010, he has been active in private equity with investments in the Food and pharmaceutical industries. He also coaches several start-up teams in diverse areas.

He is a proud father of 4 grown-up children and happily married with Sylviane for 28 years.

Motto: “Actions speak louder than words.”


Tanguy NEVEAfter obtaining a Master’s degree in Law (UCL) and serving military service at the “Chasseurs Ardennais”, Tanguy – a father of three children – experienced numerous business sectors: 2 years at Bruxelles-Promotion (i.e. organiser of the Brussels 20km…), 4 year at Bank Nagelmackers, 13 years at Will-Pharma and 8 years at White Night (a retail chain of local shops).

Since 2016, he has found his path and, is blooming in creating and driving the Sport2Be project, the answer to his essential aspirations: youth, sport and helping others.

Motto: “I never lose. I either win or learn.” - Nelson Mandela


Philippe ODDOUPhilippe started his professional career at L’Oréal and Paribas Bank, after achieving degrees at emLyon Business School and Columbia University.

In 1998, together with Nicolas Eschermann, he co-founded “Sport dans la Ville” which is today the prominent French association endeavouring socio-professional insertion for more than 6000 youngsters through sports. Since his origin, he has acted as Managing Director. The association ensures a framework around sports centres in sensitive/disadvantaged city districts.

Motto : “All that is not given is lost.” - Pierre Ceyrac


Nicolas LHOISTNicolas graduated from Political Science and International Relations (UCL) and Sports Management (EPFL - CH), and launched People First in 2010. A young father and sports enthusiast, he reinvented the concept of sports team building by making it healthier and closer to nature.

He reinvested the first profits to expand the business and took over the Knokke Out Group, thus specialising in event spaces, ranging from nightlife to business seminars, including restaurants and leisure.

 Motto : “I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.” - Henry David Thoreau

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