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From sport to a job

Sport makes you move

Sport in it's purest form is universal, apolitical and affects all levels of society. It is the ideal vehicle to allow each youngster to acquire self-confidence and ensure their physical and mental well-being.
Sport facilitates spontaneous interaction with young people, an essential element in gaining their confidence. Through sport, youngsters learn core values and soft skills, such as dedication and commitment, perseverance, respect for oneself, others and rules, discipline and effort, teamspirit, self-transcendence, resilience and politeness.
… Basic skills that provide the foundation for their personal, social and professional development at the dawn of their careers and will serve them for the rest of their lives.

With the help of the subsidiary authorities, Sport2Be offers children living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods access to qualitative sport fields.


sport makes you social

Sport2be organises biweekly sports activities for children aged 6 to 21, mixed and free, in various disciplines such as Football, Street Soccer, Basketball, Combat Sports, Hockey, Rugby, Tennis and Dance.
Children have the opportunity to flourish under the supervision of a competent sports coach and the support of a benevolent integration coach.


sport makes you strong

Thanks to these recurring sports activities, our coaches and social workers, build together with the children, a strong relationship of trust favourable to discovering oneself and their aspirations.
Together with their families and the Sport2Be’s partners, our coaches then personally support each youngster and guide them, step by step, in their professional learning path.



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