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General Registration Conditions

General Registration Conditions of Sport2Be NPO

1. Preamble

Sport2Be A.S.B.L, company number BE 0649.754.696, with its registered office located at Avenue du Port, 86c BP 508, 1000 Brussels, aims to facilitate the socio-professional integration of young people in difficulty through sport. The mission of Sport2Be is to promote and develop sports initiatives to achieve this goal. The objective of Job2Be, which is the ultimate goal of the Sport2Be project, is to accompany young people on the path to training and employment.

2. Membership

2.1. Membership

Membership to Sport2Be is open to any natural person (6 to 25 years old) interested in Sport2Be's Activities (regular classes, workshops, occasional visits, stays in Belgium and abroad). Membership is free and validated after registration via the online portal. Membership implies acceptance of each of the general registration conditions.

2.2. Preliminary Information

In accordance with the requirements of Book VI of the Economic Law Code, Sport2Be provides a detailed description of its Activities on the website so that the participant can, before registering, know the essential characteristics of the Activities (description of the Activities, location of the Activities, ages, schedules, etc.). The participant declares to have read this information and to have obtained from Sport2Be, prior to registration, all information on the Activities and their content. The participant declares to be solely responsible for the choice of the Activity(ies) and their suitability for his/her needs.

2.3. Rights and Obligations of Participants

Participants have the right to participate in all free Activities offered by Sport2Be. They must comply with the statutes, decisions made by the organs of Sport2Be, and each of the general registration conditions.

3. Image Rights

Photos taken during the Activities are considered free for use by Sport2Be for its communication tools: websites, social networks, etc. The use of these images is solely intended to illustrate Sport2Be's projects and Activities. However, the parent or the adult participant has the opportunity to oppose this use. Sport2Be invites the parent/participant who chooses to do so to inform the coach(es) at the first class, so that photos of their child(ren) are not published on any medium.

4. Responsibilities

4.1. Responsibility of Participants

Participants are responsible for their own conduct during Sport2Be's Activities. They must take all necessary precautions to ensure their personal safety and that of other participants. The participant or the responsible person must inform Sport2Be by email at within 48 hours following any accident.

4.2. Responsibility of Sport2Be

Sport2Be subscribes to the necessary insurance to cover the risks related to its recurring or occasional Activities. Sport2Be declines all responsibility in case of accident or damage occurring during the Activities, except in case of gross or intentional fault on its part. In no case shall Sport2Be be held responsible for the loss or breakage of glasses (not covered by insurance).

4.3. Travel

Sport2Be cannot be held responsible for accidents or incidents occurring during trips organized to participate in sports or socio-professional Activities. Participants must take all necessary precautions for their personal safety during travel.

4.4. Force Majeure

Sport2Be's liability cannot be engaged, in general, in all cases where the non-performance or poor performance of its obligations results from a case of force majeure or fortious event beyond its control.

4.5. Use of the Registration Portal

Each participant acknowledges that their use of the Sport2Be portal is at their own risk. Sport2Be will do its best to make the site accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except in case of events beyond the control of Sport2Be and subject to maintenance periods, possible breakdowns, technical contingencies related to the nature of the network or malicious acts or any damage to Sport2Be's hardware or software. Sport2Be can in no way be held responsible for an interruption of all or part of the site, regardless of the cause, duration or frequency of this interruption as long as it is not attributable to it.

Sport2Be cannot be held responsible for any incompatibility, malfunction or other technical problems, between the use of the site and the participant's computer equipment, except in case of fault attributable to Sport2Be. The participant must protect their computer equipment against any risk of contamination by viruses, intrusion attempts, etc.

When creating their online account on the site, the participant undertakes to provide true, accurate, up-to-date and complete information about their identity and situation.

4.6. Obligation of Result

Sport2Be is not bound by any obligation of result and cannot be held liable for omissions, inaccuracies or errors in the programs listed on its portal, nor for the consequences that these could have for the participants.

4.7. Inaccuracies

Sport2Be cannot be held liable in case of error, omission or inaccuracy occurring during the classes and without verification by the secretariat which will validate the registrations or information.

4.8. Adequacy of Classes

Sport2Be does not guarantee that the proposed sessions meet the expectations of the participant who is solely responsible for his/her choice(s).

4.9. Personal Belongings

Sport2Be is not responsible in case of loss, theft or breakage of objects brought to the classes by participants.

4.10. Accidents Outside the Hours

Sport2Be declines all responsibility in case of accident occurring outside the Activities.

5. Data Protection

See our privacy statement.

6. Practical Conduct of Activities

6.1. Sportswear

The parent/participant must provide suitable sportswear for the Activity. The equipment specifications are detailed in the registration confirmation. The parent/participant must ensure that jewellery, watches or other objects that could cause injury or be broken are removed before the start of the Activities.

6.2. Bad Weather

In case of bad weather, outdoor Activities may still take place. The parent/participant must provide appropriate clothing and possibly alternative clothes.

6.3. Parental Authorization

A signed authorization from a parent or legal guardian is required if the child returns home alone after the Activities.

7. Changes to the General Registration Conditions

7.1. No modification of these General Registration Conditions can occur unless it is negotiated, authorized and signed by a duly authorized representative of Sport2Be and this modification explicitly states that it is an adaptation of these conditions.

7.2. If one or more provisions of these General Registration Conditions are held to be invalid or declared as such pursuant to a law, regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, the other provisions will remain in full force and effect.

7.3. The fact that one of the parties does not invoke a provision of these General Registration Conditions does not constitute a waiver of the benefit of said provision.

8. Disputes

8.1. The rights and obligations arising from these General Registration Conditions are exclusively subject to Belgian law.

8.2. In case of dispute, the participant must first contact Sport2Be to find an amicable solution. Failing an amicable resolution, disputes relating to the execution or interpretation of these General Registration Conditions will be submitted to the competent court pursuant to Article 624, 1°, 2° and 4° of the Judicial Code. For all practical purposes, it is specified that the deadlines for legal action are not interrupted during the period in which an amicable solution is sought or mediation is requested.

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