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Healthy management

Sport2Be ensures efficient and prudent management of its resources in order to reach its objectives. The contribution of many volunteers and value partners reduces the costs of Sport2Be’s structure.

  • The annual accounts are prepared and filed by the professional accounting office ODB & Associés.
  • The annual accounts are certified by the company auditor C² & Associés.
  • 4 Wings Foundation first, and now the Bernheim Foundation requires a quarterly assessment of performance indicators that it has personally established.
  • Investment expertise is indirectly provided by the subsidising authority and by the Fund of the Friends of Sport2Be housed within the King Baudouin Foundation.



Sport2Be communicates its mission, objectives and the results of its work in a complete and comprehensive manner, placing transparency at the heart of all its activities.

  • The website provides a complete and accurate description of its strategy and activities.
  • The balance sheets, annual reports and grant lists are accessible to the public upon a reasoned request.



Sport2Be acts responsibly by responding to the stakeholders. A long term mission!

As much as possible, Sport2Be works with local partners for optimal and complimentary use of resources and for the creation of value-added synergies.




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