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New partner - MaxusBelgium

Nwe partner - MaxusBelgium

Sport2Be x Maxus
From Sport to Job

When we talk about #Maxusness we mean so many things; team spirit, sport, CSR, agile, … Last year and in 2020 we decided to take this again a step further. We are proud to officially announce Sport2Be as our CSR partner! A match made in heaven with a lot of what #Maxusness stands for.

Sport2Be is an organisation that facilitates the social and professional integration of young people from different neighbourhoods through sport. They work in a collaborative way with a coach who will teach sport values to the young people, as this is essential for social integration in a personal and professional way.

Why sport2Be?
There are multiple reasons for this perfect match.
First of all we were immediately convinced of their mindset, as it is similar to our agility & start-up mentality. So, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and help them accomplish their goals.
We also share the same core values. We are passionate and show involvement in our day to day job, as Sport2be does by engaging themselves by making sport accessible to everyone.
On top we share the entrepreneurial perspective. Sport2be acts simultaneously through 3 sectors: sport, social integration and professional integration. It challenges standards to look at problems and opportunities in new ways.

What will be our CSR-contribution?
Our goal is to help them by donating a couple of our working hours of the Maxus employees. We are going to help them gain visibility & build their brand through a collaboration in social activation. And maybe join some sport events with the youngsters as well.

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